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deanphotoThere are times when DBS surgery does not meet expectations. This prompted Dr. Giroux and Sierra to provide a special clinic for troubleshooting DBS problems. Dr. Giroux and Sierra’s troubleshooting experience began in 2004 while working at the Cleveland Clinic’s department of Neurorestoration alongside Dr. Jerrold Vitek, Dr. Ali Rezai and Dr. Andre Machado, world renowned experts in DBS therapy. The experience at the Cleveland Clinic led to recognizable expertise and over the years, Dr. Giroux and Sierra have seen more than 300 people specifically for troubleshooting poor DBS outcomes from over 40 states nationwide. Below is an interview about Dean’s experience with DBS. The story continues as Dean talks about his revision surgery, click here.

Correction – Dean’s age at the time of this story was 58. Read part 2 of the interview where Dean talks about his surgery to replace one of his wires. Link at top of page. Dean was seen by Sierra Farris when she worked with Dr. Giroux in Kirkland Washington