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Providing patients with comprehensive DBS care and research since 1998. Excellence, Compassion, Experience by board certified medical specialists. Learn more about our programs and services.




To offer comprehensive neurology care for patients requiring deep brain stimulation therapy supporting a patient-centered holistic focus that supports lifestyle and personal goals.


To enhance health and well-being for all people in our community touched by neurological conditions requiring deep brain stimulation therapy and care. 


Unparalleled knowledge & experience across the spectrum from recently implanted, optimization, long-term care and troubleshooting problems.

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

We prepare our patients for surgery using the highest standards in care and partnering with surgeons with exceptional outcomes and safety.

Empowerment Books

Sharing our patient-centered care philosophy, knowledge & technical experience for anyone wanting to learn more.

High Tech Research

Research is an important contribution to science and future breakthroughs in treatment strategies for our patients and community. We are honored to be a part of device and pharmaceutical research studies. We have published many articles and book chapters that serve to inform patient and scientific communities.

Deep Brain Stimulation Comprehensive Care & Research

Highly Specialized Care

Dr. Monique Giroux is a board certified neurologist that combines medical, rehabilitation and wellness therapies offering holistic, empathic and comprehensive personalized care in Colorado. Dr. Giroux completed her Neurology residency at Yale and movement disorders and PET imaging fellowships at Emory University where she worked with renown Movement Disorders specialists. She studied under deep brain stimulation researchers when the field of stimulation was just beginning. Following her two fellowships in early 1999, Dr. Giroux considered patient-centered comprehensive care ideal for her patients' quality of life and set the course to develop one of the first specialty centers for Parkinson's in Seattle. This was a time when the concept of holistic care was unknown in the field of Movement Disorders. Her interest in the mind-body connection grew out of observations of her patients' capacity for self-healing. Moving toward this complementary side of medicine, she explored mindfulness training under the Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD approach at the University of Massachusetts, completed an extensive mindfulness training certification for professionals at Duke Integrative Medicine at Chapel Hill and studied Therapeutic Yoga at White Lotus. Further shaping the next decade of her evolving care model, Dr. Giroux completed an additional fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Giroux's strong belief that patient-centered care empowers and strengthens resiliency is evident in the hope she inspires in her patients. 

Dr. Giroux is an author of several patient books, national speaker and recognized specialist in Movement Disorders, deep brain stimulation and complementary therapies. Dr. Giroux has participated in research that has shaped best treatments strategies and is currently a principal investigator in the Boston Scientific Vercise INTREPID trial, the latest innovations in deep brain stimulation therapy. A distinguished physician that embraces both high touch and high tech therapies. 

Dr. Giroux is the founder and executive director of The Healthy Living Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs and online support for people living with chronic illness. You can learn more at The Healthy Living Institute.

DBS Focused Medical Experts

Sierra Farris PA-C, Deep Brain Stimulation medical and technical specialist since 2000 and director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Care and Troubleshooting Services. People interested in DBS benefit from a comprehensive team approach including a thorough medical and neurological evaluation, DBS education and surgical risk assessment and monitoring of stimulation and implanted hardware for long-term success. Sierra works closely with exceptional neurosurgeons, board certified neurologists and rehabilitation specialists to maximize the overall success of deep brain stimulation. Microelectrode recording, electrode mapping and testing stimulation in the operating room broadened Sierra's experience and understanding how best to achieve long-term success with deep brain stimulation.

Sierra has extensive experience programming all Medtronic DBS devices, Boston Scientific Vercise neurostimulation system and trained to program the Abbott (formerly St. Jude) Infinity programming platform. Sierra has provided DBS professional training, mentoring and technical consulting since 2004 and authored several informative publications about DBS hardware, neuroethics, long-term care and troubleshooting DBS problems and therapy failures as well as co-author on pivotal DBS publications. Sierra was honored as Alumni of the Year by the Physician Assistant Program at Stony Brook University in New York and recipient of the national Paragon Award for PA MD Partnerships from the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 

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