Dr. Monique Giroux

Deep Brain Stimulation Specialty Care

Medical Records

The offices of Dr. Monique Giroux and PA Sierra Farris will close on July 31, 2018. Sending medical records must meet HIPAA compliance standards. We cannot send records to an email.

How to request your medical records:

Patients please fax a written request to Dr. Monique Giroux or PA Sierra Farris at 1-303-781-0517 with your full name, date of birth, phone number and address. Indicate clearly where you would like your records sent. Please allow 4 weeks to process your request. Records can be faxed or sent via CD disc. Indicate on the request the fax number to receive your records or indicate the address for the CD disc.

The charge is $30.00.

Medical providers please fax the medical records request form signed by the patient to 1-303-781-0517 and allow 14 days to process. To meet HIPAA compliance, we cannot fax records without an official medical request form signed by the patient or guardian. Please be clear which provider is requesting the records, the time-frame and a secure fax number.

Brain imaging requests must be made through the imaging facility. We do not forward neuropsychological records. Please request sensitive reports from the treating Neuropsychologist.