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Deep Brain Stimulation Appointments and Second Opinions

DBS Specialist Sierra Farris

 Deep Brain Stimulation Second Opinion is available in Fort Collins

Completing the new patient registration forms is the first step to a DBS evaluation, transfer of care, second opinion or intensive deep brain stimulation troubleshooting appointment. All troubleshooting of DBS problems is scheduled at our Fort Collins clinic at 323 W Drake Rd Suite 200 Fort Collins Colorado 80526.

Which DBS system is the best fit for you?

You now have a choice in which DBS system is implanted. We provide a new and important service to inform patients  and families about DBS systems available for implantation. DBS systems share common basic components but differ in patient remote control, battery longevity, battery size, durability, calibration options, advanced programming techniques, compatibility with other implanted devices (heart pacemakers/defibrillator), MRI safety and track record in providing benefit. Call Nicole to schedule a consultation or second opinion to learn about your options.

Deep Brain Stimulation Troubleshooting

Include a narrative in your new patient forms if you have DBS and interested in a troubleshooting evaluation. We review records in advance and may not be able to see every person wishing to travel to Colorado. Supporting documents, discussion about your history with DBS and referral from your treating physician may expedite your appointment. We require additional forms if you live outside of CO, NE, NM, or WY. Deep brain troubleshooting is a time intensive process. The waiting time for appointments depends on demand.