How can I learn more about your center and programs?  

Sign up for our newsletter or educational classes. 

What conditions do you treat?

Our medical clinicians are board certified specialists in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, tremor and dystonia with focus on deep brain stimulation. 

Are your services covered by insurance?

Each insurance carrier has a specific panel of providers. Contact your insurance to check if our clinic services are covered. 

Do you offer second or third opinions?

Yes we frequently see patients for a second opinion about their condition or treatment.

Do I need a referral for an appointment?

You do not need a referral unless required by your insurance.

What do I bring to an appointment?

If you require an interpreter, wheelchair or walker, please bring to your clinic appointment. Bring new insurance cards if any. Bring returning patient form.

How long is my appointment?

Appointment duration is dependent upon the type of evaluation is required. New patient consultations are 45 to 60 minutes and recurring patient appointments are up to 30 minutes. Deep brain stimulation appointment duration varies depending on the treatment plan. New patients with deep brain stimulation will last approximately 90 minutes. 

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

Arrive 15 minutes before appointment to complete the check in process.