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Movement & Neuroperformance Center Colorado – Deep Brain Stimulation Care & Research

Specialists in Movement Disorders & Deep Brain Stimulation

We offer medical clinic hours at two locations along the front range. Physical therapy is also available at both locations. All medical appointments are managed through our main office number at 303-781-0511. To inquire about deep brain stimulation evaluation or second opinion or transfer of care appointments, call our office and leave your name and number or complete the patient registration forms.

Denver Office Location:  499 E. Hampden Ave, Suite 250, Englewood, CO 80113. Adjacent to Swedish Medical Center, Englewood Colorado / Free Valet Parking Phone: 303-781-0511 / Fax: 303-781-0517

Ft. Collins Office Location: 2001 S. South Shields Building A, Fort Collins, CO 80526. Adjacent to Rolland Moore Park. Free front door parking with wheelchair access. Phone: 303-781-0511 / Fax: 303-781-0517