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Lifestyle Medicine Program

This program is for anyone wanting to take their self-care to the next level.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on the daily experiences, choices and activities you make that directly influence your health, disease risk or progression. This program uses group medical visits to explore different lifestyle topics that you can use to improve health and change the course of your disease.

Group Medical Visits

  • Group medical visits are a proven method used to enhance patient engagement, self-care and wellness. During this visit you will learn from experts, identify your personal goals, learn from others in the group and develop your own personal lifestyle treatment plan.
  • These visits do not substitute for but complement your general neurologic and medical appointments.
  • Group lifestyle medical visits will typically be held the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Each 90 minute visit will include a brief evaluation of your medication needs followed by a group discussion, workshop or demonstration in areas such as nutrition, medical fitness, stress management and self-care important to your medical condition and prevention.
  • Your medical insurance may cover the cost of these visits.