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Parkinsons Comprehensive Assessment

Get answers to your questions.

What stage is my disease?  How have I progressed?

What else can I do to change my PD?  How can I change my care at home?

The goal of this 2-day appointment is to evaluate your Parkinson’s disease symptoms and related health issues to provide a snap-shot of your disease stage and changes form year to tailor a treatment plan to your needs. A typical program is conducted over two days.

  • Day 1. The first appointment includes comprehensive testing and assessment of motor function, walking, endurance, cardiovascular, cognitive-emotional and brain-healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Day 2. Information is reviewed with you and your family with written recommendations for your targeted treatment plan.
  • Written summary for you and your treating doctors.

Additional information about this program…

  • You do not have to be a current patient to take part in this program. In fact, this program is designed to help people that wish additional guidance and recommendations to enhance their care at home.
  • You will complete a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire prior to scheduling. We will also provide a records request form for you to forward to your primary care provider to forward your medical record, pertinent lab work and radiologic imaging.
  • Your medical insurance may cover a portion of this assessment, however, additional fees do apply.
  • Convenient overnight lodging and activities in the Fort Collins area.