Personal Stories

Medical Director
Medical Director
Dr. Monique Giroux
DBS Director & Programmer
Sierra Farris, PA-C

Read personal stories from patients seen in our DBS Troubleshooting Clinic for a second opinion for DBS problems. Read about life altering experiences of restored function, enhanced quality of life and hope. All of these individuals were brave to seek help. We are honored they placed their faith in us to try a different approach. Below are stories from a few of the people we have helped over the past 10 years. In most cases, a family member or friend encouraged the patient to seek outside help when there seemed to be no options. Most maintain their care from Dr. Giroux and Sierra. Most travel across the globe destined for Denver to seek help. If revision surgery is indicated, Sierra consults with a neurosurgeon skilled in revision surgery. Sierra has referred 28 people since 2007 for revision surgery that has restored function and eliminated side effects.

Dean’s story was hopeless. Dean regains independence after moving his DBS wire.
Charlene’s story – life destroyed by poor DBS programming. No surgery needed.
Read how Bill‘s mobility improved after we made a minor DBS adjustment.
Letter from George – a grateful patient that is now getting what he expected from DBS.
 Kenny’s journey led to Denver and a renewed life without falls or slurred speech.
Road to recovery after DBS, Jessica proves it is never to late to find a new life with DBS.
Colorado Rockies Ben Petrick ESPN video featuring a DBS adjustment with Sierra no longer available.
Jill’s story of getting off the medication roller coaster finds amazing relief after DBS.
Second opinion offers new hope for Robbin.