Insurance Information

Our medical specialists accept Medicare and most major insurance plans. We provide insurance billing. Anything not covered by insurance will be your responsibility. We require payment at the time of your appointment for services that are not covered by insurance. Your insurance company may also require you to pay a co-payment at the time of your appointment. When necessary, our staff will work closely with patients who require a payment plan.

If you have questions about which insurance plans we accept or any patient billing concerns, please call us at 303-781-0511 or email through the secure patient portal. Questions about your coverage and benefits should be directed to your employer or insurance company. If you have an insurance that requires a referral, it is your responsibility to request a referral from your primary doctor.

HIPAA & Privacy Statement

We take your privacy seriously. Download our HIPAA and Privacy policy. Download

Scheduling your first appointment

Every new patient is required to complete and submit a new patient questionnaire prior to their first appointment. This questionnaire can be mailed, faxed or submitted via email. See Forms tab to download our registration forms. Each patient is required to have a primary care physician and we will strive to work with this physician to optimize your care. Communicating with other doctors involved in your care is an important part of your care. We require that you give us a fax number, phone number and address for your primary care provider and other physicians involved in your care. In addition to completing the new patient questionnaire, we require you to complete a return patient questionnaire before each visit. This allows us to optimize the time  with you during your visit.

Phone calls

Our clinic office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. We may not be able to answer each phone call immediately since our clinical staff will be actively working with patients in the clinic. We do strive to answer each phone call within 24 business hours. Leave a detailed message for our medical providers. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 for emergency care. Otherwise, worsening problems are best handled by an appointment. 

Email & Patient Portal

Questions about your medical condition must be handled in person or by phone. For your convenience we accept email for scheduling and prescription renewal requests through our patient portal. Our secure encrypted email for general questions or scheduling inquiries is clinicmail@drgiroux.org.

Medication Refills

We ask that you call your pharmacy rather than our office for all medication refills. We will work with your pharmacist to expedite filling your prescription. Please allow at least 48 hours before when you need to pick it up. We will not refill prescriptions on weekends, your pharmacy should provide enough medication if you run out over the weekend. Narcotic medicines are not prescribed in this clinic. An appointment is required for a refill of any other controlled substance.

Lab and Test Results

Our staff will inform you of lab and test results by email or letter. You will be called to schedule an appointment and/or to discuss urgent or abnormal results requiring medical attention. Be aware that some tests take weeks for results.

Legal and Insurance Forms

We may need an appointment to complete some forms that need an up to date assessment of your clinical status. Our clinic charge to complete forms without an appointment is $15 (will be completed within 10 business days) and $25 if 48 hour turn around is needed.

Rescheduling and Cancellation of Appointments

We require that you give us at least 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment so that patients on our waiting list can be given the appointment slot. Starting August 1, 2015, a $30 charge will be billed to the patient for missed appointments. 

Medical Records

Upon request, we will send a copy of your medical visit to another physician. Sending out medical records will be done at your request and for timeliness and accuracy, requires that you give us the address and fax number (you will be asked for this on the New Patient Questionnaire.) It is your responsibility to update us with any changes. Download the Medical Records Request Form to request other records/medical information transfer. Download