TeleMedicine Program

Telemedicine visits are conducted via video or telephone. These appointments are available with Dr. Giroux or Sierra Farris, PAC for our existing patients. Each visit is scheduled  for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes dependingon your needs. These visit are not for everyone but are an option for people that live at a distance from clinic or those with transportation difficulties and wish to schedule an appointment between trips to the center. Before scheduling a telemedicine visit you must agree to the following:

  • Video or telephone appointments will supplement your clinic appointments but not replace clinic appointments. You are still required to travel to the clinic forcertain visits
  • Telephone or video visits are not appropriate for all situations. You may be required to travel to clinic to insure best care.
  • Your insurance may not cover these visits. Although we will submit a bill to you insurance, we can not assure that these visits will be covered. If your insurance does not cover telemedicine visits that fees do apply as outlined in the Telemedicine forms below.


To schedule:

We will schedule your telephone visit after receipt of the following forms. Please mail or fax to 303-781-0511. We also ask that you complete the return patient form to expedite this visit.


You will receive a written outline of any treatment recommendations via mail or patient portal. All prescriptions will be sent directly to your pharmacy for your convenience.