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Climbing Mountains with people living with Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

Climbing Kilimanjaro – Medical team Sierra Farris, PA-C and Dr. Monique Giroux

Deep Brain Stimulation:

DBS Basics – An interview with Sierra Farris and Dr. Monique Giroux

Medications before and after Deep Brain Stimulation – Dr. Giroux reviews an important topic of medications after DBS.

Deep Brain Stimulation – Gayle’s Story – Our patient makes a dramatic recovery from tremor.

Deep Brain Stimulation – Swedish Medical Center – Our DBS team in action.

Jill’s 9News Interview – Our patient makes a dramatic recovery from Parkinson’s.

Deep Brain Stimulation – Ben Petrick’s Story – The back-story of an athletes life with Parkinson’s.


Dr. Giroux reviews neuroplasticity – Support Group Meeting


Brain Foods with Dr. Giroux – Healthy brain foods.

Parkinson’s Diagnosis & Progression:

Parkinson’s’ Symptom Review & Progression – Dr. Giroux reviews Parkinson’s in this brief video.


Dr. Giroux & the Davis Phinney Foundation – Our partner in living well with Parkinson’s.